14:00 14:15

Workshop Opening - Medical Imaging in Rheumatology

Workshop Chairs: M.A. Cimmino, S. Dellepiane, G.Viano

14:15 14:45

Invited Talk - Quantification of inflammation in the synovial membrane through dynamic contrast-enhanced MR

Mikael Boesen, Department of Radiology and Parker Institute, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, Copenhagen

14:45 15:15

Invited Talk - 3D gray-level histomorphometry of trabecular bone

Zbisław Tabor, Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Cracow University of Technology

15:15 15:35

An MRI study of bone erosions healing in the wrist and metacarpophalangeal joints of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

F. Barbieri, V. Tomatis, G. Zampogna, M.A. Cimmino, E. Aleo, V. Prono, S. Migone (DIMI, Università di Genova), P. Parascandolo, L. Cesario, G. Viano (SoftecoSismat Srl)

15:35 15:50

RheumaSCORE: a CAD system for Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis and follow-up

 P. Parascandolo, L. Cesario, L. Vosilla, G. Viano (SoftecoSismat Srl)

15:50 16:05

Novel automatic tool for magnetic resonance imaging quantification of bone erosion scoring in rheumatoid arthritis

P. Parascandolo, L. Cesario, L. Vosilla, G. Viano (SoftecoSismat Srl), M.A. Cimmino, F. Barbieri (DIMI, Università di Genova)

16:05 16:30 Afternoon Break
16:30 16:45

A database of segmented MRI images of the wrist and the hand in patients with rheumatic diseases

M.A. Cimmino, V. Tomatis, F. Barbieri (DIMI, Università di Genova), G. Troglio, P. Parascandolo, L. Cesario, M. Pitikakis, G. Viano (Softeco Sismat Srl), A. Schiappacasse, M. Moraldo, M. Santoro (Camelot Biomedical Systems Srl)

16:45 17:00

Non-contrast MRI relaxometric maps: improving detection of cartilage and bone anomalies

Luca Balbi (Esaote Group)

17:00 17:15

Unsupervised analysis of DCE MR Image sequences using machine learning techniques

Matteo Santoro (Camelot Biomedical Systems Srl)

17:15 17:30

MRI extremities dedicated systems and Fusion Imaging US/MRI metacarpophalangeal joints in rheumatoid arthritis

Luigi Satragno, Massimo Olmi (Esaote Group)

17:30 17:45

Optimizing and evaluating a graph-based segmentation of MRI wrist bones

S. Nardotto, R. Ferretti, L. Gemme, S. Dellepiane (DITEN, Università di Genova)

17:45  18:00 

Generation of 3D Canonical Anatomical Models: An Experience on Carpal Bones

I. Banerjee, G. Patané, M. Spagnuolo (CNR-IMATI, Italy), H. Laga (University of South Australia), S. Kurtek (Ohio State University), A. Srivastava (Florida State University)


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